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A-Z Of ABC Analysis / Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur l'analyse ABC

Date:   Apr 15, 2021 - Apr 15, 2021
Time:   12:00 PM (EDT)

It's no secret that 80% of turnover is generated by just 20% of many businesses' assortment. When it comes to assortments, there is a consensus that bigger is better. ABC analytics and Pareto analysis have been popularized to analyze assortments, but when deployed badly they can lead to suboptimal decisions. A good ABC analysis helps you answer the following questions:

•        How much do you know about your assortment?

•        Do you know which items offer the most significant return or which are most important to your customers?

•        Equally, do you know which items are costing you money?

 Join Danny Bloem from Slimstock Canada as he explores how an ABC analysis can help you:

1) Reduce your investment in inventory

2) Boost availability on the products that matter most to your customers

3) Build a more profitable assortment

Speaker Bio:

As a supply chain expert and senior consultant at Slimstock, Danny Bloem has over 10+ years of experience implementing supply chain solutions. He has helped over 30 companies optimize their supply chains in his career while keeping a delicate balance between people, processes, and results.


This webinar will take place at 12-1 PM Toronto time / 9-10 AM Vancouver time / 10-11 AM Calgary time / 11-12 PM Regina time / 1-2 PM Halifax time. 

Please note this webinar:

  • Will be in English. 
  • Is worth 2 CPD points for SCMP designation holders. 

Pour plusieurs entreprises, 80 % de la rotation de leurs stocks est générée par seulement 20 % de leurs assortiments. L’analyse ABC et le principe de Pareto sont de plus en plus populaires pour analyser les assortiments, mais, lorsqu’ils ne sont pas employés adéquatement, ils peuvent mener à des décisions qui sont moins qu’optimales. Une bonne analyse ABC vous aide à répondre aux questions suivantes : que savez-vous sur vos assortiments, savez-vous quels articles gérèrent les plus importants profits et quels vous coûtent de l’argent? Joignez-vous à Danny Bloom de Slimstock Canada alors qu’il explore comment une analyse ABC peut vous aider à réduire vos investissements dans les stocks, à accroître la disponibilité des produits qui se vendent bien et à bâtir un assortiment plus rentable.

Veuillez noter que ce webinaire est en anglais.


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