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Transition Management/ Gestion des transitions

Date:   Nov 15, 2021 - Nov 18, 2021
Time:   2:00 PM (EST)

Our Transition Management course details the key considerations and best practices to move services from provider to provider, or internally provided to an external provider, or repatriating outsourced services.

Transitioning services is a complex procedure, that requires attention from all levels of the organization, and the dedication of a transition management team to make it all happen. – Taking our Transition Management course you’ll walk away with best practices and key steps to transition outsourced services. The Transition Management course discusses the transition of Cloud Services, as well as the impacts Predictive Analytics, Automation, and AI will have on the third-party agreements.

Throughout the four days, participants will learn about the need for a well-structured transition plan that includes people considerations, technology, business processes, communications, stakeholder management, financial management and cultural change.  The course also addresses the importance of identifying key stakeholders and  establishing stakeholder expectations throughout the duration of an outsourcing arrangement, including the transition phase.

Course Objectives

  • Identify leading practices in the planning and execution of transition management activities and their importance to the successful achievement of outsourcing objectives
  • Present fundamental transition principles, frameworks and models
  • Review the positioning of transition management activities throughout the outsourcing lifecycle and the importance of the transition building block
  • Provide a solid understanding of all aspects of transition, including offshore, end-of-term, transition from one provider to another, and transition from in-house to external service delivery, and repatriation of services.

Course Sessions

  • Transaction Lifecycle and Other Keys to Success
  • Transition and Transformation Fundamentals
  • Transition Strategy: Why it is Critical
  • Offshore Transition Considerations
  • People Considerations within Transition
  • Executive Transition: Leading Practices
  • End-of-Term Considerations: Transitioning Out
  • Moving to Steady State
  • Governance Considerations during Transition and Transformation

Course Format

This four-day virtual course is facilitated by some of the most experienced outsourcing professionals. The sessions are supplemented with group workshops/exercises which provide participants with opportunities to share experiences and apply their learnings.

Those who complete the course will receive a digital badge from Supply Chain Canada and SCMPs will earn 5 CPD credits per course (we kindly ask members to enter their activity independently following this course).

Course Pricing

  • Early Bird / Member: CAD $ 475.00 (+ applicable provincial tax) - Until September 30, 2021
  • Regular / Member: CAD $ 550.00 (+ applicable provincial tax)
  • Early Bird / Non-Member: CAD $ 700.00 (+ applicable provincial tax) - Until September 30, 2021
  • Regular / Non-member: CAD $ 750.00 (+ applicable provincial tax)


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